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All items are shipped via UPS Ground. If any special shipping is required, please contact Safe Beginnings for details.

How Shipping Charges are Calculated

  • UPS shipping is based on the weight of each box and the number of boxes shipped.
  • The first several pounds of each box are the most expensive.
  • Oversized items (items that measure over 84 inches in length and girth combined) that weigh less than 30 pounds ship as if they weigh 30 pounds.

How Safe Beginnings Helps Reduce Shipping Costs

  • Since the most expensive way to ship is to order small amounts from many sources, Safe Beginnings can significantly reduce your shipping costs by combining merchandise that would normally ship from many different manufacturers.
  • Safe Beginnings bands several oversized items together since the shipping cost is approximately the same as for one item. For example, it costs about the same to ship one Elongate as it does to ship two gates or one gate and three extensions that are banded together.
  • We enable our customers to take advantage of Hundred Pound Weight. Orders we ship that weigh over 200 pounds reduces your shipping cost by as much as 35% and are not affected by the number of pieces shipped. Many manufacturers and distributors do not offer this special shipping category.
  • We eliminate manufacturers' master cartons (which increases the number of cartons that would ship to you) and repack with other items. This reduces both the number of cartons and the shipping weight.

Policies, Terms & Conditions

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